Quality and Safety

are the characteristics that govern 
the industry, in order to elaborate
milk and dairy products

Proceso de elaboración

The milk making process

Primary milk production is mainly destined to the production of dairy products for human consumption. For this, milk producers sell their milk to processing plants, which convert this wonderful raw material that will end up, at the end of the process, on the table of millions of families.

With a dozen large dairy plants, including several transnationals, and almost a hundred medium and small cheese plants, the industry concentrates on maintaining the quality and safety of the products at each stage of processing.

Its mission is to produce healthy, safe food, achieving the highest standards in each of the production stages.

It should be noted that the export offer of Chilean dairy products includes some categories such as other preparations based on dairy products, cheeses such as gouda, mozzarella and parmesan, powdered milk, whey, baby food preparations, butter, yogurt, manjar and others.