About Us

"Chilemilk is a public-private sectorial brand that was born in 2019 to promote exports of Chilean milk and its derivatives, being a link between international buyers and the country's industries, which respond to demanding food safety standards to provide one of the most complete foods that nature provides us."

Main brand attributes


Animal Welfare

It is a priority in the production of Chilean milk, a conscious industry in the care of the cows and the environment in which they live, large and fertile fields in a country abundant in nature, allow producing milk with the highest standards of world quality.


The beautiful meadows and crops grow in fertile soil and nourish the cattle, giving rise to a milk that keeps the true flavor of the natural, nutritious, frothy and tasty, providing energy and significant amounts of proteins, fats and micronutrients, essential for healthy nutrition.v

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability, care for the ecosystem and permanent innovation are factors of primary concern when it comes to producing healthy and safe food in Chile that meets the highest standards in each of the production stages.

Tradition and Experience

Preserving our dairy tradition and the heritage of the countryside honors the work of our ancestors and makes us proud to produce milk with history, in many cases from generations that have maintained, improved and professionalized a family business, giving way to an incipient exporting vein of dairy products. 




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